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One way ticket to…Alaska? March 22, 2009

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Happy Sunday!  Well, it is a happy Sunday for me at least!

I had my first interview on Friday.  Obviously I have had other interviews in the past, but this was my first interview for a full-time teaching position.  It felt somewhat like an initiation into the real world. For anyone who hasn’t already been informed…The interview was for a position in the Bering Strait School District in Alaska.  Which is here:

The red box shows where the Bering Strait School District is.

The red box shows where the Bering Strait School District is.

So, basically what this job entails, is moving to a very remote area in Alaska (you can literally see Russia from some places).  There are villages scattered throughout the district that have schools, most of which are comprised of 250-700 people per village.  There are no Wal-Marts, or restaurants, or Barnes and Noble (God help me!).  Most villages have one small store that sells the necessities, and everything else is flown in on a plane.  The only way to get to these villages is to fly in on a small plane!

The interview was at UCF by video feed.  It was like using a webcam.  I interviewed with one of their recruiting personnel, which was an interesting experience.  I am the first person to use this form of interviewing on the UCF campus, EVER!  It’s kind of cool…I made UCF history in a small way. 🙂  Anyway…I felt that the interview went very well!  I felt prepared, and after getting my nerves under control, I felt very ready.  Not only did I feel ready, but I felt like this job is supposed to be mine.  At the end of the interview, the women said that she “appreciated my candor and honesty, would pass along the information, and give me a very good recommendation” to the higher ups.  I walked out of the room so flustered and anxious, but also excited.

An hour and a half after leaving from the interview, one of my old bosses called to tell me that they had already called her for a reference.  They told her that they were very impressed with me! Ahh! It was at that point that I started jumping up and down and doing my happy dance (yes, I have one, but you’ll never see it!).

Then this morning at C3 I saw Bryan (who is the director of Clinical Experiences for the College of Ed. at UCF) who informed me that he spoke to the woman who interviewed me, and she told him that she was very impressed by me and that my interview stood out!  My mom was with me, and started bawling and said, “You’re moving to Alaska!” *more bawling*.

I haven’t heard anything officially from the district, but it’s looking good!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


One Response to “One way ticket to…Alaska?”

  1. Ashley Bowman Says:

    This is beyond exciting Chrissy! Congrats!!
    BTW, I have seen your happy dance. I won’t tell anyone though. 🙂

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